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About Us

Welcome to MedCAREERS.We are the premier online advertising service for the healthcare staffing industry. Regardless of whether you are a staffing company or a healthcare employer, MedCAREERS will advertise and promote your job posting online in a manner to maximize exposure to create candidate responses and lead generation.

MedCAREERS does not charge a fee for posting your open jobs. We only charge when your job is actually viewed. This makes it easy for our clients to measure responses and the effectiveness of our service.

Healthcare staffing is a competitive field. The search for qualified candidates who are actually in the market for a new position is intense.MedCAREERS is focused on finding these candidates. Also, MedCAREERS is totally focused on healthcare. MedCAREERS is not going to bury your healthcare job posting among job postings in a variety of industries. MedCAREERS will focus on displaying your job posting in online formats that are a fit for your specific job. In other words, we do our best to find your intended audience, not just any audience.

MedCAREERS also allows our clients to maintain total control over the advertising for any of their job postings by suspending or terminating advertising for any specific job for any reason.

MedCAREERS is open to everyone with healthcare staffing needs, including hospitals, recruiting companies and individual practices. We welcome all types of healthcare job postings.


MedCAREERS is dedicated to being the premier online job posting service for the healthcare staffing industry. Regardless of whether the job is posted by a healthcare job board or a healthcare employer, MedCAREERS is committed to advertising and promoting that job in an online format in a manner that maximizes exposure in order to create lead and candidate generation for MedCAREERS' clients.

The MedCAREERS Strategy:

The healthcare staffing industry is in a state where healthcare providers of all kinds are in demand. People are living longer and an aging population in general requires more medical attention. Also, with the number of people maintaining health and medical insurance coverage increasing over the past several years, more people are seeking medical treatment and attention. Healthcare staffing companies and healthcare employers are constantly looking to fill open needs and jobs which means these groups need to find and identify available quality healthcare professional candidates. MedCAREERSuses a proprietary platform for listing and displaying its clients' job postings on search engine results pages to promote views. The measure of Madcareers effectiveness is easily measured by how often a job posting is actually viewed as opposed to merely displayed.

Billboards along the highways have been used for years to promote and advertise a variety of products and services. The effectiveness of a particular billboard is difficult to measure with precision as many drivers do not read them and even if they do, it is difficult for an advertiser to connect a particular billboard to a specific sales lead.

MedCAREERS creates an online billboard for each job posting, but the advertiser only pays if, as and when, a potential lead, "clicks" on that billboard to indicate a view. This model aligns MedCAREERS interests with those of our advertising clients, as MedCAREERS only gets paid if MedCAREERS can create views on the online billboard. MedCAREERS' view is that our clients would prefer to pay a fee if its job posting is viewed rather than pay the same or a higher fee to merely post a job somewhere and not know if anyone is seeing it.

Phone: 866-33-CLICK (25425)

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